Wednesday, July 2, 2014

"Jeb Bush Charts Tricky Course With Embrace of Common Core"

A picture is worth a thousand words

A Report by Anita Hoge, 3D Research Group

See photo below that appeared in the Wall Street Journal online. Note who is present.

"Jeb Bush, center, and Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin, right, discuss successful teaching strategies at an Oklahoma City school in April. Oklahoman/Associated Press"
Common Core is everyone's baby, in one way or another.

Interesting, but not surprising, Governor Fallin of Oklahoma who just "supposedly" stopped the Common Core in Oklahoma, is seen in this photo strategizing with Jeb Bush who supports Common Core, "Choice," and Charter Schools.

And Governor Jindal of Louisiana recently reported that all schools in New Orleans were now ALL Charter Schools. There will be a lot of tap dancing by Republicans and 'Conservatives' as they try to sidestep the real issue, "Choice" and Charter Schools, and how this agenda will diminish representative government. Charter Schools have no elected school boards but use public funds.

The fake repeal of Common Core (see blogpost) was signed a few weeks ago by Oklahoma Governor Fallin that put Common Core into law through their ESEA Title I Flexibility Waiver. Indiana and South Carolina did the same. So, when Jeb Bush explains that he wants to "double down," is he talking about Title I and how the "money will follow the child" to every charter, private, and religious school under the ESEA flexibility waiver? Is he pushing for every school to come under the thumb of government intervention with "Choice?" Is he talking about "killing public education?" Does he want to expand Charter Schools? Yes, yes, yes, and yes.
Most potential Republican presidential contenders are renouncing the national educational standards known as Common Core. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who has championed measuring academic achievement for two decades, is doubling down.

Resistance to Common Core is growing among the party's activists, who see it as a federal incursion into local schools. Republican governors of South Carolina and Oklahoma last month joined Indiana in opting out. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who two years ago said the initiative "will raise expectations for every child," recently compared it to Russian centralized planning and on Friday vetoed a pro-Common Core bill.

Mr. Bush, by contrast, is urging states to "stick with it."

"Pressing pause means stopping forward momentum," said a letter released Monday by Mr. Bush's nonprofit Foundation for Excellence in Education. [bold added]

And the momentum that Jeb Bush is talking about is the agenda "choice" and charter schools. And, the further implementation of Republican Governors to accept the Obama agenda through ESEA Flexibility Waivers to continue Common Core. Of course, Mr. Bush plans to make a profit from his Charter School operations.
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