Friday, July 18, 2014

Do you really want Glenn Beck leading the anti-Common Core agenda for you?

Interesting... Beck's education and religious ideas appear to come straight out of the mouth of Harlan Cleveland....
Harlan Cleveland

Who is HARLAN CLEVELAND? He was a leading American GLOBALIST who from 1974 to 1980 developed and directed the program in International Affairs of the Aspen Institute. He devoted his life to working towards a New World Religion and a New World Order -- both. See an example of his work below:

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Religion and Governance
by Harlan Cleveland and Marc Luyckx
Seminar on Governance and Civilizations
Brussels, May 14-16, 1998
How will religion impact government and foreign policy in the 21st century? This joint paper, prepared by the World Academy of Art and Science and the Forward Study Unit of the European Commission was presented to representatives from various Foreign Offices of European countries in preparation for the "Brussels Seminar, "May 26, 1998, as a way of thinking about Europe's approach to "Religion and Governance."
During the radio interview about Glenn Beck the other day (7/15/14), Angela Alef mentioned to Charlotte Iserbyt her observation about Beck:
The next thing that caused me great concern was recently he had an event where he got all of the ministers from all the different faiths and branches of religion together… and this clip is also out there if anybody wants to look for it. And, what he says to everyone — and, understand, Karen and I are Christian. But, now I’m very concerned about what — since he feels that way about One World Order — I’m very concerned about what his theories might be on One World Religion, because, at this event, he made a point to tell everyone that the message we have to give to everyone in the world and in the country is about “God.” Well, as a Christian, my message to everyone is that Jesus lives and Jesus saves and in giving the message of the Word, you know, that’s how we are free. It’s a message of personal responsibility and freedom which is the same message we find in our Constitution and I just feel like that message is now getting lost. And, whether you are a Christian or not, you know, is not the point. My point is that was a very surprising message that I heard him giving at a time when he could have given the message that Christians are supposed to go out in the world to give. (Excerpted from blogpost Glenn Beck's "Choice")

This is an interesting observation since Beck ostensibly espouses American patriotism. But his religious views are inconsistent with Christian orthodoxy (see comprehensive report HERE). Now, compare Angela's above observation about Beck's ecumenicity with a statement made by Harlan Cleveland about a new world religious order that would profess "a belief in God by whatever name":

Unorganized spirituality.  Toward the end of our current century, one of the striking current trends is the large number of people who, professing a belief in God by whatever name, are moving away from the institutions which have traditionally intermediated divine worship and provided blessings on births, deaths, and everything important in between. In so doing, many of these people have by no means abandoned spirituality; they have found outlets for their spirituality in small-group practices that search for God; in ways that are genuine alternatives to traditional practices in churches, temples, mosques, and synagogues. [emphasis added]
An obituary for Harlan Cleveland can be found HERE and "Harlan Cleveland; Dean, Author, Statesman and Lifelong Learner." See also the many writings of the excellent researcher and author Dr. Dennis Cuddy, including "IF WAR HAD NOT COME IN FIERCE AND EXAGGERATED FORM" and the Chronology of Global Education. Dr. Cuddy significantly describes Harlan Cleveland as a "New Age networker":

The same year (1987), the Ford Foundation (and the Rockefeller and Exxon Foundations) financed “The United States Prepares for its Future: Global Perspectives in Education, Report of the Study Commission on Global Education,” printed by Global Perspectives in Education (GPE, name later changed to the American Forum for Global Education). In the Foreword to the Report, New Age networker Harlan Cleveland (Rhodes Scholar, C.F.R. member and with the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies) wrote: “A dozen years ago… teaching and learning ‘in global perspective’ was still exotic doctrine, threatening the orthodoxies of those who still thought of American citizenship as an amalgam of American history, American geography, American lifestyles and American ideas…. It now seems almost conventional to speak of American citizenship in the same breath with international interdependence… and the planetary environment.” (Source) [emphasis added]

Dr. Dennis Cuddy also wrote about Harlan Cleveland's New World Order EDUCATION agenda:

Internationalizing education has long been part of the power elite's plan to prepare people for world government. On the occasion of the bicentennial of the Declaration of Independence, a Declaration of Interdependence was written by Henry Steele Commager stating: "We must join with others to bring forth a new world order." The document also decried "narrow notions of national sovereignty" and called for strengthening the United Nations and broadening the jurisdiction of the World Court. Helen Wise, chairman of the National Education Association's (NEA) Bicentennial Committee, was on the advisory committee to draft the document, and those involved "worked to ensure that its precepts would be included in the curricula and texts of our schools."

Also on the advisory committee were Rhodes Scholars Harlan Cleveland and Richard Gardner. Gardner had written about "eroding national sovereignty piece by piece" in the Council on Foreign Relations' FOREIGN AFFAIRS (April 1974). Cleveland headed the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies' Program in International Affairs, and the Institute organized a National Commission on Coping with Interdependence which, in partnership with the Rockefeller and Kettering Foundations (and acting on a suggestion by the State Department), assessed Americans' willingness to change their thinking and ways to accept global interdependence.
(Source) [emphasis added]

The reader of this blog post should read the pdf file "Religion and Governance" in its entirety. Go to American and type in "Harlan Cleveland" in the search box. A webpage of listings will come up. The second entry is this below. Click on the link or the red box "Download Now" button (do not copy this link onto a browser), which states:

The words of Harlan Cleveland, long-time internationalist change agent who served as the first U.S. Ambassador to the Common Market, are of utmost importance. This paper prepared by Cleveland and Marc Luyckx for the European Union seems to have set the stage for future discussions of the role of religion in the new EU Constitution and especially the role of traditional Christianity. The second to the last paragraph is clear regarding the relegation of Christianity to a position of "equality" with other non-Christian religions. It reads: "The transmodern way of thinking outlined in this paper is ACTIVELY tolerant. It acknowledges that it is important for all civilizations to be receptive to that which is alien, whatever form this may take. It is open to the transcendental, while resisting any authoritarian imposition of religious certainty. The truth is at the centre of things; each person converges toward it with his/her own culture, along his/her own path. Nobody has a monopoly of the truth any more "yet it does exist."