Thursday, July 24, 2014

Understanding Common Core

Researcher and author Berit Kjos sent a list of articles that she felt might help readers of the abcsofdumbdown blog. She said that these articles posted on her website would help parents understand Common Core and the global steps to its widespread implementation. These articles spell out some significant aspects of the global agenda for education.

Berit wrote:

I believe some of the articles would help parents understand the dark background and the rising global grasp of Common Core (whether or not the CC name is used.)  I tend to doubt that there will be any real “turning back” in our lifetime here on earth.
One of her articles, "From Freedom to Servitude - Part 3 - Deceit, Delusion and the Destruction of America," explained how people have been dumbed down:

The main strategy behind this transformation has been the dialectic process: group dialogue led by a trained facilitator toward an ever-evolving consensus. The result is a "dumbed-down" population of what Pravda called "sheeple" -- blinded masses following false shepherds. Our nation, once famous for its faith, freedom, wisdom and initiative, has learned to trust--
  • feelings instead of facts
  • opinions and impression instead of Truth and certainty
  • human cravings rather than God's authority
  • group consensus rather than God's Word
Here is a list of the articles she suggested reading:

Berit Kjos is the author of an excellent book, Brave New Schools, opposing education reform: