Saturday, July 26, 2014

Peer Pressure...

... the EASIEST way to manipulate people

To watch this video, click on this link:

This piece of comedy satire explains what is happening to your children in schools, to people in your church, to workers at your workplace, to politicians, to the news media, etc.

In 1972 when I was a student in an Educational Psychology class we were put through a similar group psychological experiment. We were positioned in a large circle. One person was designated as the first person and given a message to deliver. A group of approximately 8-10 people after them were given the same message.

But the rest of us didn't know that they had been given this message. We only knew that we were given the assignment to find group consensus.

These first people had been secretly told to assert strongly that "Black Is White." As the people began go around the circle, more and more pressure was brought to bear. Each secretly-informed person would more assertively and authoritatively state," Black Is White."

There were only a handful of the rest of us at the end who were not privy to the secret. So by the time it got to our last section of the circle we were puzzled and confused. We were supposed to say "Black Is White" in order to accomplish group agreement.

What happened to us? We did the same thing you see happen on the video! As you watch the above video, note the self-doubt. The confusion. The pressure to conform. How the pressure is ramped up by calling upon an "authority." The high stakes! The emotional appeals!

This is the most perfect example I've ever seen of how this process works. There is a reason that the Bible compares people to sheep. We follow the leaders, and we follow our peers. Watch and weep!

 A 3D Research Report by Sarah Leslie