Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Using Crisis to Control "Choice"

Education Reformers Take Opportunity


Watch this YouTube Video by The People LLC: Education Reformers Take Opportunity. It is very brief. And very alarming.

"After Hurricane Katrina, Education Reformers were licking their chops at what they saw as an opportunity to take over New Orleans Schools. The result is now being realized with New Orleans having 100% Charter Schools and the citizens having no voice or choice when it comes to sending their children to school."

Katrina was the CRISIS. Controlled "Choice" was the solution.

For more information see: Sen. Appel's Most Alarming Admission
CLICK to view:
Sen. Appel is saying:
"Hurricane Katrina was a huge disaster which gave us the greatest opportunity of many lifetimes. We literally disassembed the entire educational structure of New Orleans and restructured it in a new model, principally based upon CHARTER SCHOOLS."
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