Thursday, January 8, 2015

Government Trying to Erase Documentation

Download Government Documents NOW!

Anita Hoge sent out an alert yesterday that warned folks about missing documentation. Below is an excerpt:
URGENT:  Government trying to erase documentation....

Today, I was aligning appendices for our legal challenge and had gone to the Pennsylvania NCES grant website that had the Sec of Labor letter and several other pages:  Guess what??? A whole section is now MISSING including the Sec of Labor letter. Expunged. Does the Department of Education and NCES think we are stupid???...
Of course we saved the original. Of course we took copies and pics of the letter. You can also go to then Way back machine and put in this address and get the entire document. Save it to your computer.

Today another activist, Cherilyn Bacon Eagar, sent out the following notice:
This data file/codebook was just released in November.

Perhaps you already know about it - the kindergarten/early education data file and code book.  It says “restricted use” but it is PERSONALLY IDENTIFIABLE INFORMATION being collected.  This is exactly what Lamar Alexander said we need to do - find out what’s going on in those homes and in the hospitals at birth and beyond.  

For the reader's benefit, below is a screen shot of the webpage that Cherilyn mentions. Readers should download the files while they still can. Don't wait! Things have a way of mysteriously disappearing.... or being expunged....