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What Does ObamaCare Have to Do With the ESEA Reauthorization?

The fight for the right to be Free!

By Anita Hoge

"Chairman Alexander and his staff have asked for input from the public on his discussion draft by Monday, February 2 via the e-mail address" (Source)

How many Americans hate ObamaCare? Why do Americans HATE ObamaCare?

We have socialized medicine now. Do you want to nationalize education?

In many of my articles I have made the comment, ObamaCare mandates to the individual, the individual mandate. What does that mean and how does that effect education? Why did I connect what happened in ObamaCare to education?

The federal individual mandate in ObamaCare forces you, as an individual, to pay for government health insurance. Un-Constitutional as that sounds, the Supreme Court ruled that this was a tax, not a mandate from the government. Many states filed against this unconstitutional event.

We lost.

How does this PRECEDENT effect what the Reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) is trying to do? (Now called the Every Child Ready for College or Career Act of 2015 sponsored by Sen. Lamar Alexander and on being rushed through on an incredibly fast track in Washington.)

The ObamaCare mandate set the PRECEDENT that now allows the ESEA REAUTHORIZATION to MANDATE the Common Core to the individual child. And with this in place, it will then MANDATE that federal TITLE I funds to "FOLLOW THE CHILD. And with this in place, it forces interventions on YOUR INDIVIDUAL CHILD. 

This gives the federal government the precedent that they need to NATIONALIZE EDUCATION. There will be no parental recourse, nor state or local government recourse, to change what the government will mandate.

This precedent bypasses both local control and state control. Once ESEA is legislated, this precedent gives Obama and U.S. Secretary of Education Duncan authority to do whatever they want in education. The federal government will have total control.

Read the paragraphs of this article to understand what the ESEA Flexibility Waivers did. Some people got it, but probably too late. We are already feeling the effects of ESEA (in the waiver) now. See the following article on the Ed Week blog: 
That stance irked Idaho Superintendent Tom Luna, who told Duncan he would have a big problem if the federal department went directly to districts to work on waivers and didn't join hands with states on the issue. "It's an affront to states rights," Luna told Duncan.
Duncan tried to defuse the argument, saying that it was not his intention to do an end-run around states if district waivers were granted. But Luna, who was elected in 2006 on the Republican ticket, kept hammering away, saying that states had a constitutional right and responsibility to oversee their districts and not let the federal government intervene in such cases.


Please look at my graph again. Common Core, Title I, and IDEA funds that go directly to the child is A STATES RIGHTS ISSUE, JUST LIKE OBAMACARE. The funds and the mandate bypass the local district and the state to mandate to the individual child.


The ESEA Reauthorization will NATIONALIZE EDUCATION. 


And if federal "Choice" is allowed to stay in this bill, your neighborhood public school is GONE, TOO, along with EVERY PRIVATE AND RELIGIOUS SCHOOL.



  Access The Common Core Standards are not federal law, yet. This is the weakest link. Stop Common Core in your state and the federal government will not have the legal authority to mandate to your individual child for tracking an iep, or an individual career workforce plan and funding, Title I, identified for your child. Remember a standards-based system means individual students must meet individual standards. We want Academics and the Carnegie Unit. 

  Funding By stopping or slowing down the Reauthorization of ESEA, the federal government cannot fund the individual student to Common Core, which is linked to so-called "CHOICE" at any private, public or charter school. This legislation will diminish representative government and feed the charter school socialist take-over of education, i.e., nationalizing education. Stop Lamar Alexander's Reauthorization of ESEA bill which makes all schools government schools. This is what they mean by "choice." This legislation, if passed, will demolish our Republic and representative government. This "Choice" and Charter Schools will abolish representative government in the United States!!!  TARGET THIS BILL! CONTACT YOUR CONGRESSMAN and SENATOR.  

  States Rights Title I funding 'following the child" bypasses the state legislature. Does your state legislature truly understand that they will have NO power once these "CHOICE" funds are directed to the individual child?  They will have no control of the purse strings! Stop the Re-Authorization of ESEA.  CONTACT YOUR STATE LEGISLATORS.

  Local Control Common Core Standards control the workforce curriculum bypassing local school boards and teachers in the classroom. "Choice" diminishes control over local taxing authority when funding goes directly to the student. Common Core and "Choice" create the perfect storm for the socialist takeover via Charter Schools that have no elected school boards. Parents will have no voice in workforce curriculum. The tax base will be destroyed with "Choice" stipends exploding across district, county & state lines. FIGHT FOR LOCAL CONTROL! STOP "CHOICE" AND CHARTER SCHOOL EXPANSION. 

  Privacy FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) must be challenged for allowing the corporations to access our kids' personally identifiable information without informed consent. Who has access to those written agreements? This access is how these corporations, foundations, non-profits, and  businesses that have gone into contract with the government are developing software and curriculum for INDIVIDUAL students to meet Common Core international workforce standards.  This digital curriculum will be the small letter iep career pathway, or personal opportunity plans that will control a students' upward mobility and learning genome. PROTECT OUR PRIVACY.

Access, Funding, Local Control, States Rights and Privacy are the Debate Issues.

"Choice" in ESEA will cause your state and local tax base to implode.


ESEA will Abolish Representative Government Through Education. 

This bill is on the FAST TRACK! Act now before it is too late! HEARINGS are taking place EARLY!  ACT NOW! Contact your elected officials immediately!

To contact your elected officals, go to this webpage,
fill out the form, or click on link for your state:
The number for the House Committee is

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