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We have been mislead by Ravitch
Read Diane Ravitch's letter to Lamar Alexander HERE. Then scroll down and read Anita Hoge's reponse below. Ravitch is NOT one of us. She has used many of us with her blog, keeping really good researchers diverted, all the while Ravitch being on the other side. Read following from her letter (below) to Lamar Alexander! 
"Wearing my conservative hat....

"Conservatives are not fire-breathing radicals who seek to destroy community and tradition. Conservatives conserve, conservatives believe in incremental change, not in upheaval and disruption." [bold added] 

Diane Ravitch is wearing a Trotskyite neoconservative hat. Read my blog post "Common Core Trotskyites." Especially when she says to Lamar Alexander that "conservatives believe in incremental change" Did you ever read definition of "conservative" in a dictionary? Or the definition of Fabian Socialist?

Ravitch has always been a Fabian Socialist, believing in gradualism rather than violent revolution to bring about change. One has only to google Ravitch to find out where she is coming from and with whom she has associated in bringing about the gradual demise of our formerly (pre-1965) excellent public school system! Here is a definition of Fabian Socialism:
Has Diane ever recommended abolishing the U.S. Dept. of Education? That is the litmus test of a true conservative. Read "The REAL Agenda Behind Abolishing the U.S. Dept. of Education." Does anyone really believe that Ravitch would have been appointed Assistant Secretary in the most important education office in the world, the Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI) which is connected with, to name a few important UN-controlled groups, UNESCO and OECD, had she not been on the globalists' lifelong womb-to-tomb education team?

Take a look at all the former Assistant Secretaries of OERI. My boss, just to name one, the late Donald Senese, Assistant Secretary in 1981. Senese probably came closest to being a true conservative, although he compromised his political beliefs when he became deeply involved in  Reagan's education restructuring agenda, which jump started and carved in stone the United Nations' and Carnegie Corporation's globalist agenda formerly spearheaded by the Democrats in Congress (1965-1980). (Read my book the deliberate dumbing down of america for details.)

A little story which tells much
A month before I was formally appointed Sr. Policy Advisor, Office of Educational Research and Improvement,  Donald Senese called me at home and asked me what I considered a very weird question, at the time, that is! He said, "Charlotte, are you going to be "loyal"?

Being true-to-form, naive Charlotte, I thought he meant "loyal to the  United States Constitution?"   So I, of course, said "Yes."
Ravitch letter to Lamar Alexander

What Senese obviously meant was, "Are you going to be loyal to President Reagan and his administration?"

Once working in the OERI I learned very well what he meant! And that is why I was very loyal TO THE CONSTITUTION, NOT TO THE REAGAN ADMINISTRATION, and leaked the technology grant (Project BEST) to the press and got myself fired. Project BEST (Better Education Skills Through Technology) put federally-funded education curricula into every area of the curriculum into ALL schools of the nation.

Anita Hoge's remarks regarding Diane Ravitch and the ESEA:

DOES ANYONE READ THE DOCUMENTATION? Have you read my comments on Lamar Alexander's bill to Reauthorize ESEA? [See posts HERE, HERE and HERE, and follow the links.]

Title I, IDEA, Choice, and Charter Schools. Most of the bill is about mental health and interventions. Do you remember what I said about Diane Ravich?

Evidently not.

I am very tired of taking my time to explain what others (like Ravitch) are putting out there to take people AWAY FROM THE ISSUES!!!

Diane Ravich writes this consoling letter to her friend Lamar, describing ONLY 13-14 pages FROM THE ENTIRE BILL, AND EVERYONE GOES GAGA OVER IT. THIS BILL IS 400 pages long. She talks about this small section of ESEA like it was the most important part of the entire bill. 
(Source. Also see previous post about Ravitch HERE)

Really, Diane.

Diane is proposing EXACTLY WHAT NAEP (the National Assessment of Educational Progress) wants.... 

  • 3rd grade guarantee, 
  • 8th grade career pathway, and 
  • 11-12th grade graduation requirement.
The research from the exorbitant testing and PARCC and SMARTER BALANCE was done for NAEP to use for their research. NAEP HAS ALWAYS PIGGYBACKED THE STATE ASSESSMENTS. This is what NAEP wants. The "model curriculum" will embed the testing in the classroom. We have documented that. Re-read the Press Release [See posts: HERE, HERE and HERE]. That was what FERPA was all about. Research to embed the immediate feedback for teachers to do the interventions. IMMEDIATE. The teacher evaluations based on how the students perform on the tests are still in the legislation.

The NAEP IS ADMINISTERED BY NCES. NCES. NCES. NCES... the state longitudinal data system.
REMEMBER!  Diane is on all of their boards. 

How convenient that Diane ONLY REFERS TO 13-14 pages of a bill that will be over 1200 pages long in the end. Many of Alexander's pages are full of 'page numbers' referring back to the old sections of the bill... that means when the bill is finally written it will be 1200+ pages long. Diane only thinks that these 14 pages are important.

Really, Diane!

She is a TOTAL front for the NAEP AND NCES to get what they need to finish off this country.

Believe it. If you don't, you better go back and read the bill. She refers to:

  • Option 1 is between pages 16-24
  • Option 2 is between pages 24-29
And these are the only pages she talks about in her long, lackadaisical letter to Lamar, and finishes with this quote, "Read anything Diane Ravitch writes about education."

This is pure treachery! You have to be kidding!

Now, how many pages did I document that the behavioral and mental health agenda and takeover of education through Choice and Charter Schools that PERMEATES THIS ENTIRE LEGISLATION???? [See: Lamar Alexander's Re-authorization of ESEA]

I'm very tired. I can only give our grassroots members the documentation. I cannot force you to read it.

Read the Reauthorization of the ESEA and weep!

Listen to Anita Hoge discuss the implications of the Reauthorization of the ESEA HERE. The interview with Anita starts shortly after the 28:00 minute mark.

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