Saturday, January 31, 2015

Why Anita Hoge Needs to Testify Before Congress

Every American needs to hear what Anita Hoge said on the Rense Radio interview Friday night....

What we found in contracts we requested
was that Pennsylvania was the model
to create a national I.D.
for every person in the United States,
starting at birth;
they called it a womb to workplace database
and it includes every individual....

[They said] "We are going to start
when that child is born.
We want to be sure to attach wages
because we want to know your worth
 -- human capital -- 
your worth to society."

What they said they were creating was
a  "psychometric dossier"...
What they were doing is
creating a "new census"
(that's their words).

~Anita Hoge,

Interview on Rense radio show,
Friday Jan. 30, 2015.
Every legislator in Washington needs to hear Anita speak.
If they won't invite her to testify
we should demand that they play this radio interview at their hearings.