Monday, January 5, 2015

Farris's Ferris Wheel...

Mike Farris's Disturbing History
and Questionable Associations

Many think that Michael Farris is the good guy in the white hat who heroically rides in on his white horse to save the day for homeschoolers. Many are not aware that Farris has a controversial history that goes back three decades.

Farris, head of Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), is like a man running in perpetual circles. It is difficult to follow where he is really heading. His activities have often seemed suspicious to those of us who oppose education reform.

Below is a brief compilation of his circuitous activities. This summary is not a complete list by any means, but it is a start. You are responsible readers. Read this and evaluate for yourself. Follow the links. Study the rabbit trails. You won't agree with everything you read, but you should learn enough to raise serious questions.

Farris & Con-Con
Farris has a decades-long support for a Constitutional Convention. This despite his public rhetoric to the homeschooling community that he is an all-star patriotic defender of the original American Constitution as authored by our honorable forefathers. In fact, he is leading the charge for a Con-Con, donning yet another white hat while he races around. Below are several current links of interest:

Farris & Parental Rights
Farris has a decades-long support for various versions of a bill that would sharply curtail parental rights in the United States. Done under the guise of a "parental rights" or "parental rights and responsibilities" amendment, it furthers an agenda to give the STATE a compelling interest in the life of a child. Farris's circuitous legal twists would become the educrats' dream come true!

All of this was exposed during the 1990s in The Christian Conscience magazine, which ran a series of exposes about the original PRRA. Below are several articles that still remain archived on the Internet:

Farris & Money$$$
See this website for key articles detailing Farris and his profitable activities:

Farris & Controversies
Farris is not loved by all. See the following websites and articles detailing distrust and deception. Some think that Farris runs circles around people by engaging in crisis mongering: i.e., hyping a crisis and then proposing a pre-determined solution. This crisis mode keeps up his public image as the guy in the white hat racing to save the day.

Farris & Extreme Patriarchy
Farris has long been associated with a fringe patriarchy agenda promoting a top-down domination of women and their daughters. This creepy movement is finally being exposed now that victims are coming forward to tell their stories. Extreme patriarchy was marketed to the homeschoolers as a form of patriotism, God-and-family, and "God's order for the family." However, two of its top salesmen, both associated with Farris, have now been exposed as lecherous old men -- Bill Gothard and Doug Phillips. It is only now, when everything is coming out in the open, that Farris is attempting to distance himself from all this.
Below are some VERY disturbing articles. This is just the tip of a terrible iceberg:

Farris & Extreme Dominionism
Mike Farris has a longtime association with leading Reconstructionist Dominionists. Early on in his career he co-chaired the Coalition on Revival's "The Christian World View of Law" committee. This fact is documented in Al Dager's classic 1990 book Vengeance Is Ours: The Church In Dominion (available HERE) which included an entire chapter on the Coalition on Revival (COR). Many old-time education researchers experienced this group and its agenda. COR was founded in 1984 by Dr. Jay Grimstead and it produced 17 "sphere documents" articulating an agenda to seize dominion over the social, cultural and political arenas of America. Just google a few of the names of men leading the steering committee: e.g., Gary DeMar, Bob Simonds, Dennis Peacocke, Cal Beisner, Bob Mumford. You will find they all shared a dangerous dream of dominion. Read more:
How did you like the Farris wheel ride? Pretty disturbing, right? Obviously, this post could go on and on. As said above, there is a 30-year history of Farris and his activities. This post barely scratches the surface. Readers are encouraged to do their own homework. Get the facts!