Friday, January 30, 2015

The FINAL Reauthorization of ESEA

HEARINGS are taking place EARLY!
Contact your elected officials immediately!

This change to effectively place the USA in the global system of government, aka the United Nations. It will take place if Americans sit on their hands and do nothing! 

Contact your Congressmen and Senators and request that the leading expert on this education/political tragedy, Anita Hoge, be scheduled to speak before the Education Committees considering the Reauthorization of ESEA! Be sure to include Anita's excellent bio/resume with your letter.

To contact your elected officals, go to this webpage,
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The number for the House Committee is

All the information you need to present to your elected officials can be found at ABCSOFDUMBDOWN.BLOGSPOT.COM. Just look at the right hand column, scroll down all of the current articles about the ESEA Reauthorization, and click on any of them.

Since everything we are looking at going on today is based on Skinnerian Outcomes Based Education OBE, now called "Common Core," perhaps it is time the average "trusting" American  takes a look at one of the earliest papers on the subject -- the international and U.S. plans to turn academic education on its head (what you know in your head) and turn the schools into workforce training sites to spin off profits for the global economy. Outcome- and Performance-based learning is based on B.F. Skinners's operant conditioning (animal training methods). Click HERE to read a whole month of posts (October 2014) on this blog that explains how Skinnerianism is the method.
Terrel H. Bell

It was under President Reagan's Secretary of Education, the late T. H. Bell, that this disaster was institutionalized as part of A NATION AT RISK. William Spady led the charge across the country, being in charge of the first experiment in Utah "to put OBE into all schools of the nation." In 1984 Secretary T.H. Bell approved a grant in the amount of $152,530 to the Far West Laboratory for Educational Research and Development (now known as Ed West) at which William Spady was the director. This grant was to carry out a project entitled “Excellence in Instructional Delivery Systems.” The cover letter from the Utah superintendent of schools to Secretary T.H. Bell to which the application for grant funding was attached said, “This [the research as a result of the grant] will make it possible to put Outcome-Based Education in place, not only in Utah, but in all schools of the nation.” The final report (evaluation) to the U.S. Department of Education regarding the results of this project stated:
The four models of instructional organization outlined in this casebook are difficult programs to implement. The practices of the ten schools described in the case studies are indeed commendable. Yet we do not offer these ten case studies as “exemplary schools” deserving emulation.

So, what did the change agents do? They put OBE “into every school in the nation.” Such misuse of taxpayer dollars is waste, fraud, and abuse which cries out for a Congressional investigation. Read HERE and HERE to understand how the government, along with corporations, want their own education system. They must control all education in order to accomplish their lifelong global workforce training agenda. The reason they are going after public education is due to the fact that we still have elected local school boards, accountable directly to voters and parents. This is a major obstacle to their changing over our education system from an academic focus to a performance-based workforce training focus -- with full implementation of a womb-to-tomb system of control of all Americans. 
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Is it any wonder parents are confused regarding what is going on in the schools that used to teach, not train using Skinnerian animal training. Two generations, at least, of American parents, their children and their teachers, have been obliged to go through the zig-zagging unintelligible, humanistic, values-destroying, globalist jargon and changes wrought by the change agents!

Is it any wonder the government, since the original Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, has had to throw all sorts of legislation with different labels at us to confuse us beyond human understanding? GOALS 2000AMERICA 2000, NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND, and now the Every Child Ready for College or Career Act of 2015 sponsored by Sen. Lamar Alexander?

Here is relevant history. Go to and type "SAFE" in the search engine. Click the red "Download Now" button to read this early report. It provides valuable history and background:

This Education for Results Project, which basically called for using the Corrigan’s Model of mastery learning, outcome-based education, and management information systems, had the support of the following twenty key education change agents listed below:
For interesting background information on today's post read: "A Call to Action!" and "Memorial Day Tribute." 
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