Saturday, January 17, 2015


Assessing the babies is Obama's agenda

An Alert by Anita Hoge

This is the birth to kindergarten mental health interventions for our babies. This is research for the early learning and the $1 billion that Obama is funding for daycare and preschool.

This toolkit Facilitating Individualized Interventions to Address Challenging Behavior is an overview of the social and emotional and behavioral interventions for infant through kindergarten. This system uses the Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) of the Pyramid Model to build an individualized behavior plan.  This is referred to in other terms: multi tiered system of support, and Response to Intervention, (RTI). All of these terms and interventions use the 3 tiered interventions for ALL students. These terms are continuously found throughout the ESEA Re-authorization Act in the sections for Early Learning.

The toolkit manual is a must read... every word is important in this book. Be sure to examine pages starting at page 53. But the actual CHECK MARKS for the functional assessment begins on page 59 and goes to page 74 where the teacher (caregiver) is doing anecdotal screening and assessment in this "functional behavioral assessment," and the collecting of data on each baby. Things like tantrums, doesn't put their toys away, separation anxiety, crying, not wanting to take a nap, not playing with other children, not sharing, hitting another child... all these are considered to be mental health disorders.
From page 57
This infant and toddler data is being fed into computer banks. This is so encompassing and labor intensive in the data collection, I'm not sure how they care for the children. The stroking of the parents to get then to agree to the interventions has been referred to as "parent engagement," also aligned in this manual.
Assessing little 4 year old Jason, page 59

This is also why the "FAMILY" had to be re-defined in ESEA. Get parents involved in the teams, a home visit, a soothing "we are helping your child." Just remember the "white soft rat" stimulus response activity, and read this manual, and you would never put your child into a daycare or federally funded preschool center, EVER!!!
Facilitating Individualized Interventions to Address Challenging Behaviors (Ages 0-5)Authored by Center for Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation-This product was developed with funding provided by the Office of Head Start, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, through an Innovation and Improvement Grant (90YD0268). AUGUST 2011

Below is the documentation for the Pyramid Model from Vanderbilt University, Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning

Vanderbilt's Pyramid Model of Social & Emotional Development

Resources and Training (many links for research) 

Follow the link to the "biting video," e.g.

Module 1

Addressing Challenging Behaviors of infants and toddlers

Inventory of Practices
Below are illustrations from Pennsylvania:

Pennsylvania's Multi Tiered System of Support
RTI Training Model-Pennsylvania