Wednesday, February 11, 2015

ACT & Common Core

Controlling  Students' Conversations and Perceptions
One ACT College Admittance Exam at a Time


Commentary and Research by a Concerned Truly Grassroots MOTHER

It will probably come as a surprise to exactly no one that the college entrance exam ACT is aligned to match the "learning" gained from the Common Core Standards, now branded "Career and College Readiness Standards."

Keep your eyes on the semantic bouncing ball parents!

The College Board's more infamous SAT college admittance exam will align with the Common Core standards by the spring of 2016 as well. There will officially be nohwere to turn in order to avoid mandated group-think to be acceptable to any college in the nation.

This should be fun.

Color me naive but I was surprised to learn this. Even with all I understand about the trajectory of radical education as well as having experienced some of the more infuriating aspects of the Common Core Standards via my kids' schools, I was still imagining that the ACT exam was testing for academic knowledge and mental acuity and not individual unconscious adaptation to desired behaviors and attitudes as mandated by The State.

From the ACT website:

That's right. The ACT will assess your child not for his academic learning and smarts as an individual, but for his widely shared learning goals and expectations and complex SKILLS! 

The really sad part of my recent epiphany regarding how ACT was actually testing bright students came via my daughter's recent experience taking the exam. When I asked her how it went she explained without batting an eye that the essay she wrote was absolutely not based on her personal opinion or beliefs. But she knew that had she answered honestly she would not have received the beneficial scoring that she naturally hoped for.

She knew that what they wanted was an essay from her that regurgitated and justified the correctness of the desired suggestion in the prompt which was geared to seeding an insistence on the part of the test taker for Free and Equal Internet for everyone everywhere. She knew too, based on advice from an ACT tutor she had worked with, that she needed to make frequent use of  vocabulary such as; Team Work, Understanding, Respect, Consensus, Fairness, Sustainable, Equality and Justice. Ands so she did.

Let the games begin.   
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This is how it will be. Some people will understand that they must keep their mouths shut and pretend to adhere to the approved narrative in order to move anywhere in society. But just as many students will be brainwashed and they will conform to the hive mind without a thought. And still others will balk and they will be marginalized or sent back to the drawing board for remediation. In all cases though the individual is reduced in their humanity.

Is this the kind of "Justice" that ACT has in mind to promote and evaluate for its "Clients"?

Is this Fair or Respectful?

Not even a little bit.

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