Monday, February 9, 2015


 No Way ESEA!
"Get OFF of Facebook
and get IN their faces!”

This phrase needs to go viral in the fight against the Reauthorization of the ESEA. It was coined by Charlotte in one of the many recent radio interviews expressing grave concerns about the serious nature of the Reauthorization of the ESEA going on in Congress.

It is time for Grandmas and Grandpas to wake up and do something. Those true-blue patriotic Americans who fought for freedoms the past several generations, need to get OFF the computer, turn off the TV, and start paying attention. NOW!

The lives of your grandchildren and great-grandchildren are at stake. If your voice isn’t heard now, you may never get a chance again.

What is at stake? Read the recent posts that Anita Hoge has written for our blog, her press releases, and her explanations about what this bill will do.
It is easy! Simply start with reading this blog. Here are a few posts to help you get started on the journey to becoming informed and active.

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What Does ObamaCare Have to Do With the ESEA Reauthorization?
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The Greatest Christmas Present to America 2014
Pennsylvania Data Moratorium Information
Anita Hoge's Call to Activism
CALL: Senator Lamar Alexander's contact info: 202-224-3121.

LISTEN & LOBBY: Listen to our many radio interviews! Simply go to the previous post, "Charlotte & Anita Scheduled for Another Radio Show," and click on the links and LISTEN. Then ACT!
"Get OFF of Facebook and Get IN their faces!”
Your grandchildren will thank you. America will thank you!