Thursday, February 5, 2015

ESEA Discussed on Radio

Charlotte Iserbyt and Anita Hoge 
discussed the Reauthorization of the ESEAwith Jeff Rense last night

Listen by clicking HERE:

(Listen to our previous radio interview from January 30 HERE)

Below is a list of things that I mentioned during my segment of the interview (the first segment). To read about these topics, simply click on the hyperlinked words and it will take you to previous blog posts:

  1. Explained Carnegie's "Conclusions" 
  2. Told of the Reagan-Gorbachev education agreements to merge the 2 systems
  3. Talked about the Reagan White House Private Sector Initiative - beginning of public-private partnerships.
  4. Mentioned the Heartland Institute in Chicago supporting Skinner education with its new book Results 
  5. Listed Gerstner, IBM, the Heritage Foundation, the Council on Foreign Relations, President Obama, and Education Secretary Duncan as all supporting school choice 
  6. Warned about Reed Hastings of Netflix, saying he doesn't only call for charters with unelected boards, but wants to get rid of elected officials across the board! Hastings' You Tube video is transcribed on this blog HERE
  7. Quoted Eugene Boyce saying, "The communists do not educate people for jobs that do not exist. No such direct, controlled relationship between education and jobs exists in democratic countries.”
  8. Named as Neoconservative Trotskyites: Eagle Forum, Truth in American Education, Tony Perkins Family Research Council, American Principles Project (Jane Robbins), etc.
  9. Gave Gerstner quote about bring down all 16,000 school districts
  10. Pointed to Georgia Visions Project as model for Communist Chinese Community Education going in across country.  
  11. Discussed National Alliance of Business letterhead which stated Kindergarten to Age 80 Workforce Training 
  12. I gave out information about Project BEST,  especially one sheet that said "What we can control and manipulate" and how I got myself fired.
  13. Discussed how Reagan fired head of NIE, Ed Curran, for requesting his own office, Marxist factory, be abolished.
  14. Told the story about my boss, Don Senese in 1981