Wednesday, March 11, 2015

21st Century Schools

No Way, ESEA!
When Utopian Ideals Turn Into Totalitarian Nightmares

What was proposed nearly 3 decades ago will NOW be put into law if the current bills pass in Congress. The Reauthorization of the ESEA represents a utopian dream held and advocated by many education reform gurus over a generation ago.

The best illustration of this can be seen in an article by reporter Kurt Tempus about Iowa's Department of Education Director, Dr. William Lepley, and his utopian vision of the schools of the future. The title of this article was “EDUCATION IN THE FUTURE: 21ST CENTURY SCHOOLS  WILL OFFER LEARNING FOR ALL CITIZENS.” This was published in The Muscatine [Iowa] Journal’s April 22, 1989 issue.
Here are some quotes highlighted from the article above:
Schools in 21st Century Iowa will be hubs of their communit[ies], providing broad learning opportunities for all citizens, according to the director of the Iowa Department of Education. William Lepley says future schools will be centers for family and social services as well. “Society in the year 2010 has realized that the school is the single societal institution that can truly be an advocate, a resource, and a catalyst for children and families, as well as learners of all ages,” Lepley said.... Students’ evaluation will improve. Instead of grades, students will be assessed not on the work they complete, but on the skills they master, he explained.
Community service will be a graduation requirement. Also, educational opportunities are available for all citizens from preschool to adults. The school year won’t be restricted to 180 days of 5–1/2 hours each, because flexible schedules and teacher contracts will permit year-round learning, he said.... The ideal school houses social agencies such as health, job, and human service agencies, child care and serves as the community’s senior citizen volunteer center, he said. And adults come to ideal schools—open round the clock—for educational opportunities ranging from childbirth and parenting classes to pre-retirement planning, he added. In the ideal community, Lepley said, the superintendent coordinates children and family services, in addition to education. [all bold and color added] 
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