Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Are Homeschoolers on MARS?

No Way, ESEA!
Homeschoolers Better Wake Up
Before Farris Sells Them Out!

HSLDA's Michael Farris supports HR 5!?
The Reauthorization of ESEA: the Student Success Act (No Child Left Behind) HR 5 bills have been opposed by this blog for the past few months, e.g. "Wrong, Wrong, Wrong on H.R. 5." Yet read Michael Farris's letter to Rep. John Kline for yourself. Below is the conclusion of of Farris's letter that was dated Feb. 9, 2015:
This piece of documentation is also posted at Congressman John Kline's Education & the Workforce webpage, on a list of prominent supporters for H.R. 5. Scroll down most of page to see the quote from Farris's letter:
Here is a screen shot of the Farris letter quote as it was reproduced by Kline:
In case you are interested, here is Kline's Education Workforce Committee page about H.R. 5:
Homeschoolers! Get informed! Stay informed! 

Read this blog! We've written several previous pieces expressing grave concerns about Michael Farris:
HOMESCHOOLERS! Get up to speed on H.R. 5 and what it will REALLY do -- to YOU! Read:
For a complete listing of Anita Hoge's alerts on this blog, including how the Reauthorization of ESEA will destroy private education in the U.S., see the post "It Wasn't US!" and scroll to the bottom.