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The Governor's Summit and Its Far-Reaching Tentacles

A 3D Research Report by Betsy Kraus

The time was the late 1980’s. In tune with “restructuring “education, which was being implemented around the country, Governor Mike Hayden chaired a local education Governor's Summit in Wichita, Kansas. It was attended by Shirley McCune (Theosophist and New Ager), Lamar Alexander, who had not yet been appointed as U.S. Secretary of Education, and other governors and important educational leaders. (Lamar Alexander, Governor of Tennessee from 1979 to 1987, and currently a Senator from Tennessee, served as a senior advisor to the Hudson Institute, which promotes tax funded Charter/Choice schools, for which copious funding is featured in his Reauthorization of the ESEA Act.) Both Dr. Shirley McCune and Lamar Alexander spoke at this Summit. The topic was not only education but Effective School movement. (Both the issues of Effective Schools and Charter/Choice are germane to the Reauthorization of the ESEA Act.)


As you can see from this illustration, Effective Schools are designed to capture and manage students, families, and the entire community.  No one escapes data collecting, assessment, workforce training and global behavioral conditioning which has been assisted, so far, by Common Core and “effective” education. This is what “Community Education” means.

Dr. Shirley McCune spoke about “Effective Schools” at the Summit. Listen to McCune’s astonishing comments in the brief video on YouTube and read the blog post "THERE IS NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN!"
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At this Summit, 
"Dr. McCune didn't state the philosophical and economic underpinnings of her educational and social theories but they are evidently derived from the pragmatic philosophies described earlier (in previous posts on this blog) and from the instrumentalist and behaviorist theories of John Dewey and B.F. Skinner. Moreover, her understanding of the student and the schools within the context of "economic development" certainly fits more with some of the major tyrannies of the 20th century such as Communism or Fascism than with Catholic understandings. In her theories, the role of the family and the principle of subsidiarity are totally absent.” (Emphasis added.)(1)
Dr. Dennis Cuddy tells us even more about Dr. McCune: 
"On May 8, 1996, A.D., a co-worker of Dr. Shirley McCune at the federally-funded Mid-Continent Regional Educational Laboratory (McREL) told me that McCune (who left McREL around 1994) had referred to work done at the Research Center for Group Dynamics, founded in 1946 by Kurt Lewin. The co-worker said he believed that McCune had known Lewin and had done work for the National Training Laboratories (NTL). Prior to coming to McREL, McCune had been a director of the tax-funded Education Commission of the States (ECS) and had been with the (John) Naisbitt (author of Megatrends) Group. After coming to McREL, McCune authored a 63-page working paper in 1983, for the Kansas State Department of Education, titled “Framing A Future for Education.”(2) 

A page from the Trend Report of the Naisbitt Group was included in McCune’s Effective “Framing A Future for Education” plan for Kansas, which was funded by a grant to McREL by the U.S. Department of Education. Another report, engendered from this grant to McREL, was directed at Nebraska. One of the “outcomes” in the Trend Report used by McCune’s report is the “transformation from a machismo society to an androgynous society.”(Source, 1) 

With regard to McCune’s work with Kurt Lewin, would McCune’s Kansas report have reflected Lewin’s Group Dynamics? Kurt Lewin was a Marxist thinker who created “Group Dynamics” (brainwashing and mind-control). Catholics should also be aware that Dr. Robert Marzano, featured speaker at the National Catholic Education Association’s (NCEA) conference in 2014, was a co-worker with Dr. McCune at McREL.
Along with McCune’s statements, Alexander added his recipe for a takeover of parental rights at this conference: “Lamar Alexander recommended what he called ‘brand new American schools’ that would operate year round from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. and would take care of the needs of babies and children from ‘3 months to 18 years’."(3)
Alexander went on to say: 
“Every child would have his or her own work station. Every child would have a team of teachers that would stay with that child until graduation. These schools would serve children for 3 months to age 18, and they would serve as a one-stop shopping center for welfare services ranging from family planning, health care and other social services.” (4) 
What are is the role of mothers and fathers beyond reproduction of the species in this preposterous and Orwellian nightmare scenario? Not much, it would seem. Dr. Frank Newman, also speaking at the Summit, shed some light on parental involvement. “Dr. Frank Newman, President of the Education Commission of the States, announced at that same meeting that our basic challenge was to "remake schooling from birth to college" and that new teachers should come into the system as what he styled "change agents."(Emphasis added)(5). The Education Commission of the States was initiated with Carnegie Corporation and Ford Foundation money.(Source 2) 
The Reauthorization of the ESEA Act will, if passed, surely help to lock in the dictates of Alexander, McCune, and Newman. No Way, ESEA! 
The State of Kansas did, indeed, restructure its educational and social services using McCune’s blueprints for Kansas education. The Catholic schools in the Diocese of Wichita became part of this state educational restructuring by a decision of the Catholic Superintendent and Associate Superintendent of Schools in Wichita. Concerned Catholics, after unsuccessful attempts to deal with these diocesan officials, sought canonical relief to rid their schools of this destructive form of education. This tells us how dangerous this restructuring to the character of Catholic schools of Wichita must have been. What is now present is Catholic schools in Kansas?
The Archdiocese of Kansas City follows the Common Core Catholic Identity Initiative based on Common Core. The Diocese of Wichita made the following statement:  “…We believe that the advantages of being State Accredited are many and we plan to stay accredited until such time the negatives outweigh the positives…”(6)  Isn’t this interesting in light of the Diocese of Wichita adopting the Effective school restructuring program of Shirley McCune’s in the late 80’s or early 90’s?
Further, with regard to Catholic education in Wichita, the following activities took place in or around the time of the Wichita Kansas Governor’s Summit. "Myrliss Hershey, of Friends University, [Wichita] Kansas, has conducted Inservice Workshops for teachers at the Ingalls School in Wichita. Ingalls School is a global education center in Wichita. Catholic teachers are sent to Ingalls to be trained as global educators."(Emphasis added)(7) Friends University is a Quaker University. The very affluent Olive Garvey of Wichita, and mother of Willard Garvey, contributed financially to Friends University.
"In a televised 1990 Global Education Inservice Workshop, produced and circulated by the Wichita Public Schools, Dr. Hershey very explicitly indicates that Dr. Robert Muller, formerly of the United Nations, and his World Core Curriculum, quoted above, form the foundation of global education and she uses materials from this Curriculum in the workshop. She also recommends the use of the United Nations as a major resource for global educators. From the way both she and Dr. Muller talk, the United Nations is their 'Vatican.' Dr. Hershey rather vaguely cautions the teachers against using all the materials in the curriculum, some of which may not be suitable for public schools. However, Dr. Hershey, herself, frequently uses concepts and ideas which are quite readily identified with pantheistic and monistic Eastern religions and even paganism."(Emphasis added) (8)  
Robert Muller, New Age Theosophist, was the Key Note speaker at the 1985 National Catholic Education (NCEA) Conference in St. Louis, Missouri.

The National Center for Privatization
The School Choice Movement also seemed to be launched from “Ground Zero” Wichita, Kansas. The National Center for Privatization held its Privatization of Education Conference in Wichita, Kansas with great fanfare. Even President Reagan was slated to speak, but failed to make an appearance. The conference was entitled “International Conference on Family Choice and Educational Vouchers”. J. Peter Grace served as a National Advisory Committee member.  This movement involved Wichita’s own Robert Love, and Willard Garvey.  The Conference was held on Sept. 30-Oct 2, 1985 and their slogan was “Where the Future Begins.”  Speakers included Phyllis Schlafly, Milton Friedman, James Dobson, William Bennett (U.S. Secretary of Education at that time), Tim LaHaye, and T. Boone Pickens. Since that Conference took place, it would be difficult to find even one “conservative” organization that does not support Charters and Choice: from the Hudson Institute, to the Heritage Foundation, to all the rest of the organizational birds that flock together in support of tax-funded Charter/Choice schools.

It was Olive Garvey’s son, Willard Garvey, who wrote a letter to President Reagan April 6, 1984 calling for an end to our representative government. According to researcher Mary Jo Heiland, also of Wichita, Garvey’s letter was attached to a ream of Heritage Foundation papers given to key advisors of the White House. The following notation was printed on the letterhead of the Garvey letter to Reagan: "The National Center for Privatization is supported by the following groups and individuals: Heritage and Reason Foundations...." (For more documentation, see the deliberate dumbing down of america, page 202. For the graphic images of this brochure and letter, see the blog post "Have the Chickens Come Home to Roost?")
Heiland also wrote the name “Koch” across the brochure of the National Center for Privatization. It is no secret that the Kochs are some of the most affluent and generous supporters of Choice and Charters, and provide funding for the Heritage Foundation, as well as other “conservative” organizations which support Choice.  Do these organizations, too numerous to mention, understand that their efforts will help destroy our representative, constitutional form of government? While leading the fight against Common Core with one hand, they feed the Choice movement, equally devastating and controlling, with the other.
“1981: The president of the Rockefeller Foundation and many church, business, university, media, union, NGO, and government leaders took part in The President's Task Force on Private Sector Initiatives. It was created to make partnerships between the public and private sector. Iserbyt writes, ‘This totally new and un-American concept of partnerships has been readily accepted by our elected officials who ignore its roots in socialism and its implications for the discontinuation of our representative form of government and accountability to the taxpayers…’”(Emphasis added.) (9)

As we know by now Charter/Choice Schools are public Common Core schools, which remove our constitutional right to representative government. Instead, they incur the loss of local school boards resulting in taxation without representation.  The more Charters/Choice and Effective Schooling are implemented, the more our children and our communities are controlled with impunity.

Of further interest, is Willard Garvey’s mother, Olive Garvey, and her investment in “Improving Humans”. According to one of Mary Jo Heiland’s research papers, it was the Garvey operation which brought Marilyn Ferguson and her "Aquarian Conspiracy" into Wichita in 1981. 
Note the Pyramid situated in the Garvey Complex. Here is the Garvey Center’s own explanation of their Complex on 91 acres:

"A principal consideration was of an electromagnetic nature. We live in a sea of energy. All of life, from subatomic particles to the galaxies, can be seen as electrostatic and electrodynamic fields. Close examination of life forms, including our own, reveals that rather than existing as solid state matter these forms are more accurately waves of energy interacting with one another.”  (Source 3)

The Olive W. Garvey Center for Improvement of Human Functioning

Continuing with the Garvey Center’s description: 
“Since ancient times, the pyramid has stood as a universal symbol to the four cardinal points of the earth, representing all things of the earth, and the four material elements or substances from the combinations of which the quaternary body of man is formed. From each side of the pyramid there rises a triangle, typifying the threefold divine nature of Man. The pyramid reaches a point apex depicting the Oneness of life.” (Source 4)
The Masons considered the concept of the Sephiroth and Four winds and the center pillar of beauty as neutral, meaning androgynous.(Source 5) Would that mean that one could change one’s gender or become androgynous just as in the Sephiroth of the Kabbalah? Wasn’t Naisbitt’s Trend Plan, that called for androgyny, part of Shirley McCune’s education plan for Kansas?   
According to Heiland’s research, the Egyptian background was that of the Essenes and the early Gnostics who saw sex, childbearing, and marriage as evil. Once mankind stopped reproducing himself the “Kingdom” would be established. Their goal was the Androgynous man.  Heiland went on to state that Freemasons acknowledge the same occult, esoteric history of the Egyptian pyramids, and also the secret religious mysteries of India. Are we on our way to a transformation to the Androgynous man?   Aren’t today’s premier buzzwords “Gender” and “Transformation”?


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